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My name is Tracy Do, a permanent makeup artist. I have practiced in the Beauty industry since 1992 and specialized in micro-pigmentation. With many years of experienced and a passion to the beauty world general, I have helped many woman in achieving their best look that last them for years to come.
Permanent Makeup is the process of implanting pigments into the skin. This state of the art technique is medically proven to be safe. The fresh look of Eyebrows, Eyeliners and Lips will make you look young and beautiful effortlessly without smearing or wash away. Permanent Makeup is much less expensive than any surgery; it lasts longer than any injection, and saves time. To know more about it please visit my website at www.permanentpretty.com

 permanent makeup helps you look your best

Processing steps of permanent makeup by Tracy Do

The reason behind this blog is to transferring my knowledge about makeup to you as well as providing you the resources to address your beauty needs. I will show you all about the beauty tips in break down illustrated versions and updated you with popular products, techniques and trends, ect. I hope from this blog, you’ll learn and apply it to yourself effectively. Your comment to this blog is greatly appreciated in helping me to serve you better for your next visit.

Thank you for stopping by, stay pretty!

About Tracy Do, Permanent Makeup Artist


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