The power of makeup


This is image of a woman (user: munner83, who posted her own photo to demonstrate a half of her face after makeup. You can obviously notice the big difference between before & after makeup.
This image goes rival today on Yahoo news by Eric Pfeiffer after it got high hits on Reddit with comments.

Most of women here believed that this woman have used her makeup effectively and that it’s a powerful tool in helping her with self esteem. In one quote said “She’s so brave for opening up like that. This video made me cry because I totally know what she’s feeling. People who don’t have acne don’t know what it’s like to have your self esteem basically plummet every time you look in the mirror. I just want to give her a big hug.” (user: Random_Mochi, And another comment went like this: “Um probably nearly every girl you meet that you think is “naturally beautiful” but can’t tell…like a natural cover on Natalie Portman or Eva Longoria–without heavy eye make-up. lol There are plenty of people who wear make-up everyday and you wouldn’t notice. If the girl in the video posted above took off her blush and didn’t wear eye-shadow you’d have no idea that her foundation was covering her acne scars.” (user: savingrain,

So,…below would be what I’m guessing this woman have done with her makeup transformation.
First, let’s define her look. She has dark hair, fair skin, oval face shape, hooded eyes, thin lip and un-define flat eyebrows. Let’s get transformed!
Foundation: with her almost even skin tone from face-to-neck, she can just use light foundation like pressed powder or brush-on powder with matte finish to get the shiny spots off.
Shape the eyebrows: I usually like to use flat angle brush or matching pencil color (to the brow hair) because it’s easier to control than the sponge Q-tip. Making her eye-brows curve up in a round shape for an oval face enhancement. Keep it wide and soft toward her nose but thinner and sharper at the other end.

  • Eyeshadow: always apply a matte eyeshadow with the color that closer or lighter to your skin tone on the entire eyelids for even out the area and making the later application of the darker color spreading smoother (otherwise spotted eyeshadows will more likely to occur). Take a look at my simple steps tutorial chart below on how to apply the eyeshadow for hooded eyes shapes. The eyeshadow color should be natural light brown to darker brown in her case. An example of the colors is posted at the bottom of this post
  • Eyeliners: Apply eyeliners closer to the lash line first (will put more after the fake eyelashes laid on) on both upper and bottom liners
  • Apply fake eyelashes: I found this video from Mac is helpful. Go over the upper liner with black eyeliner to blend in the gap. Remember to make the liners thicker at the end and thinner to the inner corner of the eyes.
  • Lip: apply the lip liner to the outer liner of the lip with the color that closer to the lip tone with a bit of peachy-pink tints; apply lip gloss to give the thin lip a more luscious look
  • Blush: slightly brush on the apple with some peachy color that closer to the skin tone for the finish look


natural color eyeshadow, smoky eyeshadows

(credit image and sale source)

Hope you can achieve the look in making a better you today. Please let me know if this helps in the comment. Thanks


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