“About me” Collage

This is the collage of me with all the things I love to do. I hope this collage would act as an introduction about myself.
When it came to design process, gathering the information for this collage, I’ve chosen Art and Beauty because there are so much things to talk about as well as my passion for them.
I was having fun compositing it and finally please with this visual arrangement. Take a look!

The 2 landscape mural paintings, 1 at the resident and the other one at the salon.
The girl portrait painting in water-color which I won first prize at Hatboro-Horsham PA.
The fashion model sketch was also one of my favorite thing to do. I’ve used some pieces of decorative fabric in my collection for the background.
I love my job as a Permanent Makeup artist (or cosmetic tattooing) because it’s giving an opportunity to interact with people making them look pretty and last…I guess that what count most!
Notice the chopstick here because I also love cooking
Well…what do you love?

By Permanent Pretty

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